Meet Ronnie Joseph ’21 (MSOL ’23)

We asked Ronnie a few questions about his journey to college and graduate school, and what he plans to do after graduation

What inspired you / motivated you to go to college as an undergraduate?

What inspired me the most was my mother and high school English teacher. Watching my mother make sacrifices for me when she didn’t have the resources, watching her struggle to get bills paid on time, and the need to move from house to house, triggered me to become something in life. So I could give her the world.

Once I reached high school, I met my English teacher, Susan Ortiz. She took me in as her own and motivated me to go to college. She said it was an excellent opportunity to turn my life around. Since then, it’s been nothing but history.

What is your plan after graduation?

After graduation, I will continue to work in IT, and I will stay around the Massachusetts area. I’m also a rapper, so that’s a hobby I’m good at. If it takes the right jump, I can see myself going full-time, but you got to work hard for it.

I also want to open a Caribbean winery called “Jackie’s.” It’s a business my sister thought of, and I wanted to throw a Caribbean twist on it, so you can enjoy Caribbean cuisine while drinking your favorite wine or brew. There will also be events throughout the week!

And I want to give back to my community through coaching. As a coach, giving kids the hope and knowledge they need helps kids from where I come from be better. It helps them escape being a product of their environment and teaches them discipline and how to become better in society.

What makes Nichols College special, in your opinion? 

What makes Nichols College unique to me is our family atmosphere and how driven we are as an institution to help students succeed. There are plenty of resources here…and people who care about your learning and what you become in the future. That’s what made me love Nichols. 

I chose Nichols because it was my home and I was not ready to leave home yet. Coming from poverty and being in a low-income family, I never thought I could make it to college, and look…now I have my BSBA degree. So, when I was allowed by IT to further my studies, I could not believe it. I knew that I wanted to keep beating the stereotypes people think, and there is no other place to do it than home!