The Value of a Nichols MBA and MSOL Degree for Nurses: Enhancing Leadership and Business Skills

On the frontlines of an increasingly complex healthcare system, nurses are finding that they need more than clinical expertise to deliver exceptional patient care. Pursuing a Nichols Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) degree empower nurses with a well-rounded skill set. The combination of these two dynamic degrees equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape. Sam Real, a nurse who pursued these degrees, perfectly encapsulates the benefits of the Nichols MBA and MSOL programs. As Sam aptly states, “Getting my Nichols master’s degrees helped me become a more well-rounded nurse.”

Insight into Healthcare Business Decisions

Understanding the intricacies of healthcare management and finance is essential for nurses aspiring to make a broader impact. The Nichols MBA program provides valuable insights into healthcare business decisions, equipping nurses with the knowledge necessary to understand the financial implications of healthcare policies. With this enhanced understanding, nurses can effectively collaborate with hospital administrators, advocating for policy changes that balance patient care and financial sustainability.

Leadership, Communication, and Teamwork Skills

Nurses are natural leaders on the frontlines of patient care, and the Nichols MBA and MSOL degrees further enhance their leadership capabilities. Nurses develop valuable leadership and teamwork skills beyond the bedside through these programs. The Nichols MBA and MSOL programs also emphasize effective communication for building relationships with patients, family members, and colleagues from diverse backgrounds. Whether it involves orienting new nurses, collaborating with interdisciplinary teams, or assuming charge nurse responsibilities, nurses with MBA and MSOL degrees can confidently lead and motivate their colleagues to provide exceptional care and drive optimal patient outcomes.

Transitioning into Administrative Roles

The Nichols MBA and MSOL degrees offer an ideal pathway for nurses who aspire to administrative positions. These programs provide nurses with the business acumen, strategic thinking, and decision-making skills to excel in higher administrative roles. Adding business knowledge to their clinical expertise allows nurses to make informed decisions that benefit patients and the healthcare institution. With an MBA and MSOL degree, nurses are well-prepared to assume administrative leadership positions and drive positive change.


The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, requiring nurse leaders with clinical expertise and business acumen. The Nichols MBA and MSOL degrees offer nurses the necessary business and leadership skills to adapt to the changing landscape of healthcare delivery and ensure exceptional patient care. Nurses like Sam Real exemplify the transformative impact of pursuing these degrees, allowing nurses to become more well-rounded professionals.

“Getting my Nichols master’s degrees helped me become a more well-rounded nurse. The MBA program gave me insight into healthcare business decisions. Using my MBA
knowledge & skills, I’m able to suggest policy changes to hospital admin to improve patient outcomes while minimizing financial implications.
I gained valuable leadership and teamwork skills — whether it’s orienting a new nurse,
working collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team, filling in as charge nurse, or simply communicating with a variety of patients, family members, and coworkers.
My MBA/MSOL degrees open the door to transition away from the bedside and (hopefully) into a Hospital Administrator position someday. I hope more nurses continue to pursue their MBA/MSOL— enabling more of us to move into higher administrative roles where our balance of clinical and business expertise supports us to make better decisions for both our patients & the hospital itself.”