Program Manager vs Project Manager vs Product Owner

In the realm of project management, three distinct roles stand out – the Program Manager, the Project Manager, and the Product Owner. Each plays a critical part in driving success, but their responsibilities, focus, and scope differ significantly.

Within the dynamic world of project management, the roles of Program Managers, Project Managers, and Product Owners are instrumental in ensuring successful project delivery, organizational growth, and customer satisfaction. Each role brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table, working together to shape the future of projects, programs, and products.

By earning a graduate certificate in Project Management and Innovation Leadership from Nichols College, you will explore the differences and similarities that define these different roles, enhance your professional skillset, and take your career to the next level.

Projects, programs, & products: What’s the difference?

When it comes to project management, it’s essential to understand the distinctions among projects, programs, and products. While they all share the common goal of achieving specific objectives, their scope and complexity vary significantly.


A project is a temporary endeavor with a defined start and end date, undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. Projects are typically constrained by specific resources, timelines, and budgets.


A program is a collection of related projects and activities managed and coordinated in a cohesive manner to achieve strategic objectives. Programs may have interdependencies between projects and share common resources.


A product is a tangible or intangible item created as a result of a project or program, which can be delivered to customers or end-users.

What is a project manager?

A Project Manager is a professional responsible for planning, executing, and closing individual projects. They lead project teams, manage resources, and ensure the project’s successful delivery within the defined constraints of scope, time, and budget.

Responsibilities of a project manager

The Project Manager’s responsibilities encompass defining project objectives, creating a detailed project plan, allocating resources, managing risks, monitoring progress, and coordinating with stakeholders. They serve as the driving force behind the project’s execution and are accountable for its ultimate success. According to, the average salary for a project manager in 2023 is $88,983.

What is a program manager?

A Program Manager is an experienced leader who oversees a group of related projects and ensures they align with the organization’s strategic goals. They coordinate projects, manage program-level risks, and optimize resources across the program.

Responsibilities of a program manager

The Program Manager’s responsibilities extend beyond individual projects, focusing on the coordination and integration of various projects to achieve overarching program goals. They prioritize initiatives, manage interdependencies, and communicate progress to senior management and stakeholders. According to, the average program manager salary in 2023 is $146,209.

What is a product owner?

A Product Owner is a key figure in Agile project management methodologies, representing the voice of the customer. They are responsible for defining and prioritizing product features, creating user stories, and ensuring that the product meets customer needs.

Responsibilities of a product owner

The Product Owner collaborates with development teams to communicate customer requirements, review progress, and make timely decisions. They play a crucial role in maximizing the product’s value, considering customer feedback and adjusting priorities as needed. According to, the average Agile product owner makes $145,751 in 2023.

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